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BulletProof Releases JDesignerPro 3.01

BulletProof Corp. released JDesignerPro 3.01 with new features to allow developers working on NetWare networks to visually build Java client applications over Novell Directory Services (NDS).

Also included in the release are installers for Linux, Solaris, HPUX, AIX, and Mac. JDesignerPro 3.01 was recently fully tested on RedHat Linux 6.0.

JDesignerPro is a design tool for building and deploying Java-based intranet database applications. Business applications are generally built over existing databases.

The software is also designed to reuse modules within applications, allowing a Java program to be leveraged into many larger ones with no additional coding.

Features of the software include:
  • Multiple levels of access control. A database interface built with JDesignerPro will modify itself, according to the access level of the user logging in.
  • Custom menuing structure.
  • Automatic Java code generation.
  • Java Screen Layout Manager.
  • Remote or local development. Gives the ability to log in to your server using a browser and remotely develop.
  • Built-in filtering, sorting and searching classes.

Downloadable AVI demos, online demos, walkthroughs, and the software itself are all available at BulletProof's Web site.