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HotOffice Launches Reseller Program For Intranet Service

HotOffice Technologies Inc. Wednesday unveiled a reseller program for its intranet services, targeting applications-oriented value-added resellers, IT consultants, and network and systems integrators.

HotOffice is a subscription-based alternative to in-house intranets. It provides a suite of collaboration and communication tools in a secure interface accessible from anywhere.

The company is offering two types of reselling programs. The first, the preferred plan, allows resellers to sign up directly through a HotOffice representative and receive a bonus for each user, plus an on-going commission on monthly subscription revenues, access to online sales tools, and training. Also, preferred resellers can qualify for market development funds, support on sales calls, free training and marketing materials.

With the basic program, resellers receive a lower commission and sign-up bonus, and may not have access to many of the preferred benefits.

"HotOffice's simplicity and affordability enables resellers to better service their customers, build loyalty, and open the door to expanded offerings," said R. Michael Franz, Hot Office Technologies Inc. chairman and chief executive officer.

"When a reseller sells a customer a piece of hardware or software, the cash register rings once, but with HotOffice, the cash register rings each month, and that's obviously an attractive proposition to resellers."