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Equifax Offers Digital Certificates For Intranets

In a move to enhance online security, Equifax Secure Inc. this week began shipping a digital certificate solution specifically for intranets, extranets and virtual private networks.

Using secure sockets layer technology, Equifax Secure eBusiness IDs facilitate data transfers that are encrypted and protected from interception or tampering. Its other features include:

  • Backward compatibility with 95 percent of Web browsers
  • Support for a range of servers
  • Diligence in authenticating requesting companies
  • Warranty protection
  • Facility support

"Introducing eBusiness IDs provides Webmasters, Web administrators and corporate e-commerce managers a more affordable, compatible and reliable choice to secure their Web servers for e-commerce," said Jeff Johnson, general manager of Equifax Secure.

"Equifax Secure eBusiness IDs are a tremendous value that will empower enterprise customers to securely and quickly move their commerce applications to the Web to grow their business."

eBusiness IDs are priced at $225 per 12-month certificate with a competitive renewal rate of $199 upon expiration.