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Antivirus Software For Linux Available Soon

Trend Micro's new ScanMail antivirus software for Linux users running Lotus Domino will address up to 87 percent of the virus attacks that enter corporate networks through e-mail.

ScanMail utilizes a multi-threaded memory scanning architecture that will enable faster performance and greater scalability across the enterprise with minimal overhead on the Domino server.

It encompasses capabilities such as File Name and File Type Blocking that will help administrators enforce company email policies, increase overall server efficiency and minimize virus outbreaks by blocking certain file types from being sent through Lotus Domino Servers.

It also has functions that allow administrators to manage their email policy and bandwidth by setting up email filter rules. These rules can be used to block, delay, prioritize, and notify users.

Advanced statistical reports, featuring current top ten viruses will also be generated by the software to help administrators identify virus infections throughout the enterprise environment.

ScanMail for Linux will be available in Asia, the US and Latin America on August 25. In Europe and Japan, the product will be available in late September 2002.