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Another Retailer to Sell Lindows-Powered PCs

Still angling to steal market share from Microsoft, Lindows.com Inc. Monday lured a San Diego system builder and retailer to sell PCs powered by the Lindows operating system in its stores.

Datel Systems Inc., which also sells products by Microsoft , Intel and IBM , will sell the LindowsOS PCs with 10 free software applications for a base price of $299. There are pre-installed apps, too, including an e-mail program, word processor, Web browser/file manager, address book, calculator, CD player, MP3 player, Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, Microsoft Word Viewer, and Microsoft Excel viewer.

Datel computer buyers will also have access to the Click-N-Run Warehouse that allows users to run almost 1,700 applications in the Lindows.com Warehouse for an additional $99. Lindows, as is its custom and marketing strategy, is positioning this offer as a steal over the rival Microsoft Office suite, which can cost $400. Moreover, it comes equipped with Sun Microsystems' StarOffice e-mail suite. Simply, Lindows is trying to tempt consumers with a fully functional PC for a total of $400.

In a brazen touting of its products, Lindows.com said: "The beauty of the Click-N-Run Warehouse is that users do not pay for each application they download. Instead, they enjoy access to hundreds of applications for one $99 dollar price. Computer users at any skill level will find the programs to be diverse and easy to use."

"Last weekend, when hosting the show, a mere mention of LindowsOS had our board lighting up with calls from San Diegans wanting to know more about choice on the desktop," said Larry Piland, vice president of Datel and host of Computer Talk Live on 760 KFMB.

Lindows.com representatives will be in Datel stores to demonstrate LindowsOS and the Click-N-Run Warehouse and field questions on September 14th, 21st and 28th.

While Lindows.com will still offer some Windows apps on LindowsOS, the company has ceased to make this a priority, according to Lindows.com officials. Instead, the firm will focus on making Linux-based applications more user-friendly.

Datel is the second retailer to jump aboard the LindowsOS ship. Giant Wal-Mart also sells Lindows-powered PCs made by Microtel on its Web site.