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Plumtree Updates Corporate Portal Software

Plumtree Software Monday released an upgraded version of its corporate portal application designed to offer intranet information in a familiar portal form.

New features include:

  • Active portal architecture for embedding third-party corporate tools and Internet services in the portal using modular components called Plumtree Portal Gadgets
  • Customization, designed to let users choose the corporate content and services on their portal
  • Multi-server enterprise scalability, with support for more than 100,000 users
  • Security for the extranet and Internet, with complete access control for all portal contents, including search results.

"This release drives the corporate portal's growth along two axes," said Plumtree Software CEO John Kunze. "

Along one axis is the contents of a corporate portal, including not only a directory to all the corporate information available on-line, but, for the first time, all the tools and services being Web-enabled by organizations everywhere. The second axis of growth is the corporate portal's audience. The scalability and security of this release extend the corporate portal beyond employees browsing the intranet to business partners on the extranet and, more importantly, to customers on the Internet."

Pricing for the Plumtree Corporate Portal 3.0 begins at $100,000.