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Scoot Allies With CurrantBun

Scoot.com has signed an agreement with News International's free ISP CurrantBun to provide a customised version of the Scoot business directory on the CurrantBun portal.

"This latest announcement is just the first step in a raft of initiatives that we will be working with CurrantBun on over the coming months to develop the relationship between our two brands," commented Robert Bonnier, CEO Scoot.com.

"The partnership will add greatly to the appeal of the Scoot advertising proposition within our SME market place and generate added value for CurrantBun's users through their access to our database of over 2 million UK businesses and services."

CurrantBun users will see the Scoot content broken down into specific categories. For example, Internet services will come under an "IT" section, while florists will be found under what CurrantBun chooses to call the "bunlove" section.

"This is an ideal partnership," enthused Barni Evans, marketing director of CurrantBun.

"We get to provide our users with a valuable service and Scoot gets access to a larger eager audience."

For the benefit of readers outside the UK: "CurrantBun" is Cockney rhyming slang for "Sun," the name of News International's flagship UK tabloid newspaper.