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V-ONE Offers Linux-Based Extranet Server

Virtual private network firm V-ONE Corp. Tuesday released its new Instant Extranet Server (IXS), designed to run on the Linux platform.

IXS provides an automatic install of Linux v6.0 from Red Hat, (RHAT). With it, companies can share information, publish and maintain Web server content; exchange data files over private secure FTP sites and permit access via encrypted e-mail without security risks, said V-ONE (VONE).

The decision to offer V-ONE on the Linux platform was to allow smaller companies, in which Linux is a popular operating system, to use the program, the company said.

"With IXS, V-ONE now has a range of solutions that effectively reach down to the small and medium-sized business market in addition to multi-billion dollar global entities such as Ericsson," said David D. Dawson, chairman and CEO of V-ONE Corp. The need to communicate mission-critical information securely is shared by all businesses regardless of size."

Regular IXS pricing is $1,495 for a 15-seat end user license and $3,995 for IXS Gold Edition, which features a 50-seat end user license.