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HydraWEB Customizes Load Balancing for Intranets

E-commerce infrastructure firm HydraWEB Technologies Inc. Friday introduced HydraASP, a tool which supports customized load balancing.

Load balancing allows companies to distribute processing and communications activity evenly across a computer network so that no single device is overwhelmed. With HydraASP, enterprises can now define their load balancing decisions based on their own applications.

The tool is a small software agent that runs on an application server and permanently communicates with the HydraWEB load balancer to provide information about the application on the server.

"We expect great interest from the newly-developing marketplace for ASPs (Application Service Providers)," said Roger Heise, vice president of HydraWEB's international sales and general manager of European operations.

"These ASPs must guarantee the permanent availability of their applications as well as minimum response-times around the clock. With HydraASP HydraWEB offers the ability for ASPs to offer these guarantees and keep them."

HydraASP is available now. It is included in the purchase of HydraHydra software suite. The option costs $5,000 on Hydra2000 and Hydra5000.