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BG Technology's Team Provides Intranet Formula

BG Technology's Managed Intranet Solution tool recently won the Best Intranet 99 Award from Cranfield University.

The Applied Knowledge Solutions business at BG Technology developed this Lotus Domino-based management tool for the BG Intranet called Knowledge and Information To Everyone.

BG Technology developed MAiNs, the basis of KITE's success, to enable easier management of the intranet in large organizations.

"There are a number of management problems in setting up intranets," said Ken Pratt, project manager at I3G Technology.

"In one extreme there can be a lack of control, resulting in too much information getting on the intranet. This can be overcome with suitable training for every user, but at some considerable expense. At the other end of the scale there is too much, centralized, control with a small number of Intranet managers having the right of veto on all information. This leads to too little material and demotivated users."

What BG Technology has developed, using Lotus Domino, is a management solution that steers down the middle of the extremes with the minimum of input time. MAiNS is an automatic management system that always records the ownership of the information, removes out of date material, along with information that relates to staff "owners" that have left the company.

It allows maximum accessibility, leading to a flow of good information, and controls the zeal of users without a hint of heavy-handedness. The system was originally developed for I3G Technology and then adopted for the whole of I3G after an in-house IT audit. MAiNs is now being deployed in all the I3G businesses. In Transco, MAiNS was selected following a competitive tender.

BG Technology's Applied Knowledge Solutions business provides advanced IT solutions, such as MAiNS, along with consultancy, for I3G and external customers.