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Semio Supports AT&T Intranet-Based Sales System

AT&T Corp. Global Services announced Tuesday that it formed an agreement with software firm Semio Corp. to provide the company with access to its intranet-based sales support system.

AT&T (T)set up an intranet site, Information and Knowledge Exchange (IKE), to track sales support. The company will uses Semio's taxonomy-building software to create browseable directories within IKE. Users can click through categories of information to find what they need more quickly, even if they're not sure what they're looking for, the companies said.

"Semio's directories will make finding information in IKE easier, and that makes our sales force more efficient," said Adam Flar, New Technologies Manager for IKE.

"We're pleased that AT&T Global Services selected Semio's software," said Steve Marra, vice president of Marketing for Semio. "With their successful Information Knowledge Exchange intranet, AT&T has already demonstrated the value of getting the right information to the right people. Semio's taxonomy-building software will make that site more effective and even easier to use."