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NDC Gives Intranet Access to Transaction Data

NDC eCommerce Wednesday released a new service that offers retail merchants a faster, cost-effective mode to get point-of-sale credit card transaction information.

Insight Payment Intelligence is the first application to give clients a user-friendly Windows-based format to see their transaction data. NDC (NDC) created the system so merchants could manage the accounting processes of credit cards more efficiently.

Insight was built as a Java client server application rather than as a Web page browser and grants quicker, more secure access to charge-back information.

Included in the package is unlimited access to information about credit card authorizations, settled transactions, retrievals and batch totals for both individual store or multiple store locations. Clients may then view this data and export it to financial software for more analysis.

"With our Insight offering, we've created a higher level of value-added information that provides secure, Intranet and Web access to credit card transaction data -- information that was previously only available in paper format or raw data files," said Tom Dunn, chief operating officer of NDC eCommerce.

"We're also pleased to give retailers the ability to integrate specialized data mining options and customer loyalty features to assist with their future marketing efforts through this new service."

NDC is a leading provider of e-commerce solutions and health information systems.