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Fujitsu Takes its Server Business to Canada

Intent on expanding its sphere of hardware server influence in North America, Fujitsu Technology Solutions (FTS) Monday said its Amdahl Canada brand is being folded into Fujitsu as part of a worldwide campaign to narrow the company's focus.

The new Fujitsu Technology Solutions Canada brand brings Fujitsu's Solaris-compatible, SPARC-based servers, known as the Primepower line, to Canada. Known for its 128-processor Unix servers The Primepower family lines up against IBM's eServers, HP's HP-UX line, and Sun's Sun Fire. The product line from Fujitsu Technology Solutions Canada will also include the Primergy line of Wintel-based servers, System/390 compatible servers, and EMC storage systems.

The move is Fujitsu's latest in a series of brand consolidation efforts, announced a year ago this month, to affirm the company's status as a contending server power to compete with the likes of market leaders HP, IBM and Sun Microsystems. While those firms regularly jockey for position at the top of the server market share charts, Fujitsu is bent on making it easier for its Primepower family of servers, which are successful in Europe and the Asia-Pacific, to find their way into more U.S. businesses.

But because so many subsidiaries exist within Fujitsu, the Japan-based parent, FTS wants to get the embedded notion that the company is all about consumer electronics devices and peripherals out of people's heads. So, to extend its global brand and market leadership in information technology Amdahl Canada Limited is being renamed Fujitsu Technology Solutions Canada, Inc.

The new business will continue to deliver the products associated with the Amdahl Canada name, widely known as a leading supplier of strategic IT managed services. Fujitsu will take responsibility for all vendor maintenance, availability issues, and problem management for their customers' UNIX, Intel, S/390, and in many cases, their entire IT environments. Tony Grice, president of Fujitsu Technology Solutions Canada, said the firm was committed to maintaining customer ties from all industries "as we grow under the Fujitsu umbrella."

Fujitsu Technology Solutions Canada will emphasize its commitment to Sun's Solaris operating system as the Unix standard and will hawk the Primepower line as the perfect platform to run it. There are more than 25,000 Primepower servers installed worldwide by such enterprises as Southwest Airlines, Panasonic and DaimlerChrysler Bank Group.