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Xceed Lands Cable & Wireless Intranet Project

Interactive architect and solutions builder Xceed.com Tuesday was awarded a large-scale intranet product by Cable & Wireless Communications.

The company will be charged with splitting the company's existing intranet into two distinct units.

Cable & Wireless Communications hopes to utilize Xceed's (XCED) expertise in intranet management to help it analyze and parse its intranet data and split the consumer information apart from traditional businesses. The move goes along with the company's desire to sell its consumer business to create a new data company.

Material from the existing intranet will be analyzed and parceled between the impending data company and the current consumer operation.

Both companies feel the intranets will be important strategic assets.

"Corporate intranets are a key aspect of our business and we are very excited to be able to utilize our expertise on behalf of Cable & Wireless Communications," said Michael Rudnick, senior vice president of Xceed Inc. "This project will further enhance Xceed's capabilities and allows us to bring additional value to our clients worldwide."

Cable & Wireless Communications is the largest provider of integrated telecommunications and television entertainment services in the United Kingdom.