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Borland Updates Portfolio Progress at JavaOne

Borland Software is rolling out a handful of announcements at the JavaOne conference that deal with the increasingly important concept of application lifecycle management (ALM), a market IDC expects to top $2.69 billion in 2007.

The Scotts Valley, Calif. business unveiled Borland Enterprise Studio 6, which integrates the various stages in ALM. Borland, along with other software development tools makers, believes a complete ALM will make life easier for programmers writing Java applications, which is the overarching theme at JavaOne in San Francisco this week.

The vendor also made two of its developer suites, Caliber RM and StarTeam, available in different languages to enable more global use, and will distribute Borland Together Edition for SAP NetWeaver Studio and Together Edition for Eclipse with the blessing of SAP and IBM.

As the last major independent software tools maker, Borland is in an interesting position. It simultaneously competes and works with software vendors such as Microsoft and IBM, which guide different development environments in Visual Studio.NET and Eclipse, respectively. Borland has been extremely busy working with .NET of late. Last week, the outfit unveiled C#Builder for the .NET Framework. Borland also competed fiercely with fellow independent Rational Software before IBM grabbed that firm last fall, and continues to compete with the brand tucked under Big Blue.

Studio 6 consists of smaller suites, each covering a step in ALM, including Borland CaliberRM (definition) Together Edition for JBuilder 6.1 (design), JBuilder 9 (development), Optimizeit Suite 5.5 (testing), Borland Enterprise Server 5.2, JDataStore 6 (deployment), and Borland StarTeam (management).

The goal of the suite is to let enterprises build and deploy Java applications across multiple platforms without the problem of being locked in to any one vendor's technology, according to Tony de la Lama, VP and GM of the Borland Together Solutions Group.

Describing Borland as the "Switzerland of software," de la Lama told internetnews.com Studio 6 for Java includes tighter integration between JBuilder, the company's primary Java application-building software, and Together Edition for JBuilder. Borland has also created as mobile edition of JBuilder, and plans to sell it along with Sony Ericsson's Java Software Development Kit (SDK). Studio 6 also features new integration with Borland StarTeam and the inclusion of StarTeam Personal Edition, which provide role-specific visualization and modeling in one framework to ensure better collaboration.

All of the new solutions feature technology from Borland's acquisitions of rivals TogetherSo ft and Starbase .

Thomas Murphy, senior program director at Meta Group, said: "This is what the acquisitions were all about: create a company with all the pieces of the application life-cycle and integrate them in a seamless fashion similar to the way that Together/J integrated modeling and coding. In some ways, its the same message Rational had back when they started buying companies..."

One difference Murphy noted between Borland's and rival Rational's strategy is that Rational didn't have anything to "integrate around" so they created the Rational Unified Process (RUP), a Web-enabled software engineering process to be the circle. "Integration was really around Rose [Rational's visual modeling tool] and the model," he told internetnews.com. "Now the recognition is you need to integrate around the developer and therefore around the IDE. Borland is moving forward rapidly and I believe is ahead of other IDE's in producing tools that integrate the entire application development life-cycle. This is what they call ALM and what we call the ILDE (Integrated Life-cycle Development Environment)."

Borland Enterprise Studio 6 for Java is available immediately.

Borland also expanded its footprint outside the U.S., introducing the first globalized versions of StarTeam 5.3 and CaliberRM 5.1, which will now be cast in multiple languages. Crafted from technology assets acquired in the Starbase buy, Borland StarTeam 5.3 is an automated configuration and change management system and CaliberRM 5.1 is an enterprise requirements management suite for collaboration. The new version of CaliberRM is also better integrated with Borland VisiBroker, which allows embedded software to interoperate with CORBA-compliant enterprise applications.

CaliberRM and StarTeam also now feature electronic signature capabilities to help pharmaceutical and medical device markets deliver safer products, faster while meeting compliance standards. Both products are available now from resellers.

In an embrace of a competing platform, Borland unveiled Borland Together Edition for Eclipse, to provide modeling, design, and quality assurance for the Eclipse platform, a project spearheaded by IBM. Together Edition for Eclipse features a Unified Modeling Language (UML) environment that is natively integrated into the Eclipse Platform. Borland Together Edition for Eclipse will be available June 10 for Red Hat Linux 7.3 or 8.0 and Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP2 or higher) and Windows XP Professional.

Lastly, Borland introduced Borland Together Edition for SAP NetWeaver Studio, which, like its deal with Eclipse, is a UML development environment for the SAP platform. The environment supports the modeling, building, and deployment of software projects from within the SAP framework. Borland Together Edition for SAP NetWeaver Studio will be available in August 2003 Those interested may view a trial version of the product at the SAP and Borland booths during the JavaOne conference.