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StoreAge Unveils Enterprise Architecture

StoreAge Networking Technologies Ltd. Friday rolled out a new network storage system designed to work across corporate networks.

Dubbed Distributed Enterprise Storage, the architecture is based on multiple SAN controllers integrated in open system servers connected via a fibre channel loop or switched fabric.

SAN controllers run hierarchies of software modules equipped with RAID manager, volume manager and a variety of storage applications. Central management of the architecture is accessed through Internet or intranet with a standard browser.

RAID manager provides protection for limitless RAID sets created over the entire lot of disks on the SAN. Volume Manager is a host independent software module that runs on StoreAge's SAN controller.

DES architecture allows the development of SAN beginning with a small work group environment and gradually growing to support multiple servers with many terabytes of enterprise storage.

StoreAge's bread and butter is providing cost effective storage solutions to the enterprise market with a focus on SAN architecture.