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OpenConnect Agrees to Lend Washington Enterprise Suite

OpenConnect Systems Inc. Monday signed a deal with the state of Washington, which will use its OC://WebConnect enterprise server suite to give social workers direct access to Medicaid information from the state's intranet site.

The agreement is crucial for Washington because it will save an estimated 80 percent in software costs. The server suite will enable the state's intranet to increase the number of people accessing its applications to about 3,000 Web-based clients in five years.

Before purchasing the suite, social service subcontractors for aging and long-term Medicaid care had to call state clerks for important financial eligibility data. In turn, the clerks had to procure the information from Washington's mainframe system. By obtaining OpenConnect's server, the state will extinguish the time-consuming cycle.

"OpenConnect successfully delivered a comprehensive answer to our needs by providing an easy-to-use, Web-to-host solution," said Rhett Russell, information technology chief for Washington. "The suite has reduced the high cost of fat client software, network incompatibilities, and eased our internal system problems."

The OC://WebConnect suite contains:
  • OC://WebConnect Pro, which gives social service subcontractors Web-based access to Washington's business-critical mainframe information
  • OC://WebConnect SNA Access Server, which provides secure connectivity and interoperability between SNA host systems and TCP/IP networks
  • OC://WebConnect, to allow for mainframe printing of host applications to nay network-connected resource