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Intranets.com Launches Marketing Program

Intranets.com Tuesday introduced an affinity marketing program, which will allow companies to offer their personal free intranet solution to their small business clients.

The free intranet portal said the new initiative will cater to telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and Web-based business services.

Intranets.com licenses a fully functional, OEM version of the Intranets.com intranet solution for delivery under the partner's own brand.

The Intranets.com intranet portal solution provides partners' users with everything they need to quickly and easily create their own intranet -- from must-have collaboration applications and custom news, to personalized vendor services.

The first partner to sign up for this service is inc.com. By offering its own custom-branded intranet service to its small- and medium-sized business users, inc.com expects to benefit from increased site traffic, improved stickiness, and shared revenue streams generated from advertising and e-commerce transactions.

"By creating third-party champions for our offering and imbedding our functionality in their sites, we're translating the highly successful tool of affinity marketing from the financial world to the Internet," said Steve Crummey, Intranets.com co-founder and chief executive officer.