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Creative Internet Solutions, Backsoft Offers Intranet Application

Creative Internet Solutions teamed with Backsoft Corp. Wednesday to bring their enterprise resource planning systems to the Web.

By combining Backsoft's bTalk enterprise application integration technologies with Allaire's Cold Fusion Web platform technology, CIS' certified Allaire developers will build Web-based applications that will connect companies' existing enterprise resource planning systems with the Internet.

CIS's certified Allaire developers and Backsoft's engineers will create further state of the art e-commerce and business solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses looking to cut themselves a piece of the Internet pie.

bTalk Builder will allow CIS to rapidly access and integrate the ERP system, which is the backbone for much of the Global 5000.

"Using Backsoft's bTalk technology will allow our consultants to focus on the application elements and business processes that fundamentally shape the way the Internet is used by large organizations," said Tom Charland, managing director of Creative Internet Solutions.

ERP integrates all facets of the business, including planning, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. As the ERP methodology becomes more popular, software applications will emerge to help business managers implement ERP.

CIS, a subsidiary Control Data Systems, Inc., focuses on Web application consulting and development. Backsoft Corp. provides companies with enterprise application integration technology, which enables customers to build Web-based applications that extend existing ERP infrastructure.