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HotOffice 3.0 Debuts, Enhances Free Intranet Service

Application service provider HotOffice Technologies Monday released the latest version of its intranet service -- HotOffice Version 3.0.

The new tool offers cutting-edge features, including "Webized" document publishing, Web-based "smart" e-mail, and synchronization which enables users to coordinate information, such as contacts, e-mail and calendar between HotOffice and offline applications.

Other product enhancements include additions to the HotOffice business center, which provides third-party products and services often at reduced cost to HotOffice users; administration enhancements that make it even easier to create departments and projects in HotOffice and updated product guides and tours.

"With HotOffice, our small-business customers can count on continuing upgrades and new features that give them big-business access to the full power of a corporate intranet," said R. Michael Franz, chairman and CEO of HotOffice.

"With Version 3.0's enhanced features, combined with our new option to offer customers the choice between free or subscription service, HotOffice continues its dedication to small businesses, offering the most comprehensive suite of collaboration and communication tools."

Version 3.0 includes:

  • Webized Publishing, designed to enable users to publish and edit documents and files from any computer
  • Synchronization, offering customers the ability to synchronize their HotOffice contact manager with Outlook and Palm Pilot
  • Enhanced Web-based "Smart" E-mail for users to search and sort messages, personalize the screen layout, view HTML pages, hyperlink text, and simultaneously send and receive from multiple e-mail accounts

The release of Version 3.0 comes on the heels of HotOffice's recent announcement that, beginning in December, its subscription-based, intranet solution will also be available in a free version.