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Intranets.com Introduces E-Commerce Guides

Intranets.com Monday launched its business services and personal online shopping guides with enhanced application functionality to address business and individual needs for online commerce.

The business services guide links users to more than 200 vendors delivering relevant and customized goods and services to make them more effective at work. The personal online shopping guide is geared toward busy executives seeking to balance their work and personal lives, the company said.

Intranets.com users have quick and easy access to vendors such as Dell Computer Corp. (DELL), Amazon.com (AMZN) and PlanetRX.com (PLRX). Intranets.com has also partnered with Accompany.com to offer users a co-branded group buying club.

Intranets.com's new "My Assistant" feature provides access to goods and services based on a user's business and job function. Users can choose a "My Assistant" geared for personal use, sales and marketing, information technology, corporate management, or finance/accounting and human resources. Each category may be customized according to a user's preferences.

"The keyword in our e-commerce model is relevance," said Steve Crummey, CEO and co-founder of Intranets.com. "Enabled by sophisticated profiling, Intranets.com delivers the most personalized information, products and services to the desktops of our users. Our e-commerce partners benefit from this model as well -- as they know their offerings are being presented to a highly targeted audience."

Intranets.com delivers free intranet portals for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations.