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Sun Microsystems, eOnline to Sell Enterprise Apps

Sun Microsystems Inc. and application service provider eOnline Tuesday hooked up to offer enterprise software solutions to mid- and large-sized companies worldwide in a deal worth more than $90 million.

eOnline will use Sun's (SUNW) Enterprise and Netra servers as the platform for delivering services to customers with more than 500 users.

Also, the companies said eOnline will join Sun's ServiceProvider.com initiative. Sun's ServiceProvider.com program offers ASPs, ISPs and NSPs a host of products, services and business practices that help them quickly develop and deploy new services while optimizing operations.

A key element of the ServiceProvider.com initiative is Sun's commitment to compensate its sales force with sales to enterprise customers and for directing enterprise customers to Sun Service Providers, in order to create demand and stimulate revenue for SPs.

Sun's global sales force will be encouraged to refer their enterprise customers to eOnline's services for SAP solutions, extending the reach of application services to an even wider audience. Through their relationship, Sun and eOnline will be able to offer SAP solutions -- including application implementation, application maintenance, technology lifecycle management and infrastructure management services -- as a fully bundled e-service to their customers.

"eOnline was founded to deliver the business advantage of integrated enterprise applications to small- and medium-sized companies. But we soon discovered untapped demand for our services among larger enterprises as well," said Adrian Ionel, eOnline's chairman and chief executive officer.

"The scalability and reliability of the Sun platform, combined with the expertise and global reach of the Sun sales force, made Sun the obvious partner for eOnline as we expand to deliver our services to the broader enterprise marketplace."

eOnline is a certified SAP Application Service Provider and is dedicated exclusively to delivering SAP solutions through the Internet or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). SAP solutions are hosted and managed in eOnline's state-of-the-art Application Service Centers, which now will be outfitted with Sun Enterprise servers.