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SightPath Partners with Six Business Video Producers

SightPath, Inc. announced Monday that it teamed with producers of business video to deliver TV-quality video directly to customer desktops via the Internet or corporate intranets.

To support the alliance, the company launched its content partner program, designed to facilitate Web-based delivery of high-impact training and business information that incorporates video and multimedia. Organizations can incorporate rich streaming media directly into an intranet or other Web-based environment without adding incremental WAN bandwidth, the firm said. Popular titles previously delivered only on videotape or CD-ROM can now be available on-demand to any LAN-connected desktop.

Initial partners include cohen/gebler associates, WinStruct, Telephone Doctor, University Access, The Forum Corporation and Quality Media Resources.

"With the introduction of the Content Partner Program, SightPath demonstrates its commitment to business partners in enabling them to deliver high-bandwidth media, including TV-quality video, directly to customers' desktops," said Jim Melvin, vice president of marketing at SightPath.

"Until this point, leading producers of engaging content have been confined to distributing physical media such as videotape, or implementing custom high speed networks. Now they have a simple, cost-effective vehicle for delivering their products using a company's existing Web infrastructure."