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DSL.net Deploys System to Improve Sales

High-speed ISP DSL.net Inc. Thursday deployed a new operations support system (OSS) to automate its supply chain process and improve digital subscriber line (DSL) sales.

DSL.net (DSLN), which offers broadband solutions to small- and medium-sized businesses, rolled out a system designed to enable customers to verify the availability of DSL.net service in their area and provides an intranet application for the sales team that includes a lead-filtering and screening application.

DSL.net has automated the pre-qualification, eligibility, and distance validation processes with an Internet based e-business solution. The OSS combines software and services from MetaSolv Software Inc. (MSLV) and NightFire Software Inc., with implementation through BusinessEdge Solutions.

From point-of-sale through the provisioning and installation of service, to post-sale customer care and loop ordering from Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs), the entire process can now be managed from a single system. This will result in reduced service intervals and error rates that can occur.

"Establishing an OSS that can scale in size to meet our projected growth was an important task," said David Struwas, DSL.net's president and CEO.

"The fact that we were able to deploy ahead of schedule and on-budget demonstrates the importance we place on our ability to execute for our customers. Our successful implementation is largely due to the caliber of our partners and the focus of our internal resources."

DSL.net intends to establish services in second and third tier cities throughout the United States. DSL.net provides service or has installed equipment in 52 cities.