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Aether Systems Unveils AIM 2.0 for Wireless Devices

Working to keep a step ahead of would-be competitors in the field, Aether Systems Inc. Friday released an upgraded version of its wireless data software, Aether Intelligent Messaging.

AIM is a wireless messaging software and development platform that makes it easy for corporate enterprises to develop applications that extend their data to multiple wireless data devices and networks.

Version 2.0 includes application programming interfaces for Java and Microsoft (MSFT) Component Object Model (COM) environments, in addition to AIM's C/C++ programming environment. AIM also now supports Solaris and Windows NT back-end servers, which act as a gateway between corporate data and wireless networks.

The new software platform will be available immediately through licensing arrangements with Aether (AETH). During the first quarter, a special developer toolkit for AIM 2.0 will be available for download from an Aether "Developer Zone" on the Aether site. The kit will allow any developer to independently create complete AIM-based solutions.

Additional features of AIM 2.0 include:

  • The ability for an enterprise or content provider to integrate potentially millions of wireless device users onto their data platforms
  • The ability to cluster larger numbers of AIM server components, allowing higher fault tolerance and redundancy in mission-critical environments
  • The ability to support more robust and sophisticated business-to-business and e-commerce applications, by allowing servers to communicate directly with each other and to broadcast information to large groups of users simultaneously

"After unveiling this strategy at Palm Source '99, we attracted a large number of key third-party developers and consulting companies. And we'll continue on this path through Q1 by releasing downloadable development kits and porting to other emerging platforms and networks," said David Oros, president and chief executive officer of Aether.

As with the prior version of AIM, release 2.0 improves the performance of data delivery over multiple types of wireless networks and devices. The AIM software platform takes private data -- such as sales force information, stock quotes, or Internet and intranet data -- and performs compression, encryption, data-thinning and optimization techniques that allow the data to move more securely and inexpensively over wireless networks.