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ObjectSpace Introduces Voyager Enterprise Server

Business-to-business solution provider ObjectSpace Inc. Monday rolled out its Voyager Enterprise Application Server 3.2. designed to increase the reliability, scalability and security of intranets.

Built on the strength of Voyager ORB Professional, Voyager application server enables the construction of distributed applications using standard Enterprise Java Beans. Through its "universal container," Voyager supports RMI, CORBA COM clients, CORBA 2 ORB and object transaction services.

Support for new Web services has been added to Voyager application server 3.2, including an HTTP Server, Java Server Pages and Java servlets. JSPs allow the flexibility of embedding Java servlets within an HTML page for later interpretation and execution. Servlets provide increased portability, efficiency, performance and power over traditional CGI-based Web servers.

The new container-managed persistence feature in Voyager 3.2 allows the transparent storage and retrieval of Java objects, separating the details of object persistence from the business logic. Voyager Application Server 3.2 has been adapted to use The Object People's TOPLink object/relational mapping tool to provide container-managed persistence.

To address security demands of industrial-strength applications, Voyager 3.2 now includes support for the industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 protocol.

"Today's e-business applications demand the scalability, confidentiality, and data integrity provided by Voyager application server," said David Norris, ObjectSpace president and chief executive officer. "Built on the strength and universality of Voyager ORB, the Voyager application server from ObjectSpace delivers the industry's most flexible application server."

Voyager application server 3.2 is available and can be purchased directly from ObjectSpace. A 30-day evaluation copy may be downloaded from the ObjectSpace Web site.