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Planet Intra, Donovan Systems Merge 'Instant Intranet'

Enterprise solution provider Planet Intra Wednesday bundled its "instant Intranet" software for small and medium-size enterprises with Donovan's Penguin 64 Lite -- a 64-bit server running the Linux operating system.

Linux systems developer Donovan plans to pre-install the software on 18,000 servers annually, providing customers with a 10-user license and the ability to add users for a small fee.

Donovan's Penguin 64 Lite is built using a Sun Ultra AXe motherboard with integrated 300-megahertz UltraSPARC-IIi CPU, and is ideal for use as an Internet or intranet server to host high-traffic Web sites, thousands of mail boxes or a busy database.

Planet Intra's intranet allows users to organize and group information in a format that is easily accessible by all team members. Planet Intra also provides users with a calendar, contact manager and highly efficient search engine that enables users to scan their Intranet knowledge base and retrieve valuable information.

The Planet Intra software package runs on the NT and Unix, including Linux and Solaris operating systems, and is available through the company's Web site. Additionally, Planet Intra recently made its intranet software available in 16 languages, including Japanese, Chinese, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

"SMEs today need the ability to collaborate globally in a timely manner, and Planet Intra provides an affordable solution that was typically only available to larger enterprises." said Michael Peretz, international sales manager, Planet Intra.

Donovan designs and manufactures the Penguin64 server system, which runs on Linux and is powered by a 64-bit chip.