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Niku Delivers eNiku Suite for SQL Server

Niku Corp. Friday delivered its eNiku 3.0 enterprise suite for Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0.

The suite will allow the Microsoft (MSFT) server to help professional services organizations automate core business processes and connect to partners, customers and suppliers via a common Internet platform.

Niku solutions target the needs of professional services organizations, including the following applications:

  • Project management -- managing projects from start to finish to strengthen customer satisfaction, project success and profitability
  • Finance and operations management -- managing project budgets, time and expense, contractors, cost estimates and invoicing. Niku also provides integration with popular back-office financial packages
  • Practice management -- helping management direct the organization through business analysis, providing increased profitability, better cross-team resource utilization and implementation of organizational best practices. Managers can more accurately provide customers project costs; timelines and potential pitfalls based on real organizational experience
  • Business development -- automating customer information gathering and acquisition, as well as pipeline, proposal and contract development across the enterprise
  • Resource management -- ensuring the right people are on the right projects at the right time and billing rate. Improve employee utilization, employee satisfaction and management visibility into personnel availability across the organization

Niku's goal is to connect all the organizations and individuals involved in the services supply chain. Its solutions can be deployed on a corporate intranet, connecting people across an organization, or on an extranet to connect with partners, suppliers and customers.

"Niku is focused on delivering the solutions our customers need, built on platforms that provide excellent reliability, scalability and usability," said Tim Low, director of product marketing for Niku Corp. "Microsoft SQL Server is a natural complement to Niku's existing support for Sybase and Oracle databases, allowing our customers to utilize their platform of choice in implementing Niku solutions."