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WebPerfect Solutions Launches Intranet Service

Not to be outdone by the increasing volume of intranet providers, WebPerfect Solutions Inc. this week launched an intranet service, billing it as the world's "fastest-to-install" enterprise system.

According to WebPerfect, businesses can set up their own "Web within the Web" in a matter of minutes by inputting their name and address, the amount of required storage space and the administrator's user name and password.

The intranet service is designed to enable organizations to reduce operational costs and improve productivity. The solution is designed to impact networks in corporation's sales, human resource and general systems capacities. The service includes e-mail, file sharing, forms management, project management, scheduling and user-friendly administration.

"Large companies have long deployed expensive technical infrastructures to improve work force collaboration; now, small businesses can reap the same benefits at a tiny fraction of the cost using WebPerfect Solutions Intranet Service," said Steve Zecola, president and chief executive officer of WebPerfect Solutions.

WebPerfect Solutions' intranet service begins with a free 90-day trial. After that, monthly charges are as low as $39.95 per month.