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ViewCast.com Intros Broadcast-Quality MPEG

ViewCast.com Inc. this week unveiled the Osprey-2000M, a new product from its Osprey Technologies Division, which provides MPEG2 video and MPEG1 video and audio to network video applications such as streaming video on corporate intranets.

ViewCast.com's Osprey cards are used to create Internet streaming video with Microsoft's Windows Media and RealNetworks RealSystem G2 products. The new Osprey-2000M is an MPEG encoder/decoder offering bit rates from 1Mbit to 15Mbit for broadcast-quality video. The Osprey-2000M features elementary, program and transport streams with resolutions up to full D1. ViewCast.com selected VisionTech's KFIR chip as the primary encoding engine for this new Osprey line of MPEG-enabled video capture and compression cards.

This latest addition to the industry leading Osprey product line will be available to select application developers, OEMs and system integrator customers in March. ViewCast.com will demonstrate the Osprey-2000M at the National Association of Broadcasters trade show in Las Vegas in April.

"An increase in available bandwidth solutions for corporate, government and educational networks, has created a growing demand for uncompromised video quality," said Neal Page, vice president and general manager of ViewCast.com's Osprey Technologies Division. "Osprey has long been recognized as the streaming industry's de facto standard for video capture cards and codecs. The combination of Osprey technology and VisionTech's new leading-edge KFIR chip enables the Osprey-2000M to deliver performance and quality which will drive this dynamic segment of the streaming industry."

"VisionTech has raised the bar in MPEG performance, quality and price with its new KFIR chip", said Brian Lemelman, vice president of corporate development for Vision Tech. "By partnering with ViewCast.com's Osprey Technologies Division, we have found the perfect complement with their leading position in the streaming industry and expertise in product design and development."

The Osprey-2000M works in a variety of platform environments, including Win2000, NT, Solaris and Linux. Additional versions of the card are in development. Products and features will include the Osprey-2000M/Pro, with digital video and audio I/O, and the Osprey-2000M/DVPro, with both digital video and audio I/O, and DV inputs.

"This broadband trend will continue, and Osprey is responding with products that deliver the highest quality video for these networks," Page said. "A recent series of non-disclosure presentations on these products were received enthusiastically and we are looking forward to working with application developers utilizing the Osprey-2000M."