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Sequoia Licenses XML Portal Server to Three Firms

Sequoia Software Corp. Monday inked deals with OfficeMax.com, biztravel.com, and 401Kafe for integrating their Web-based services with Sequoia's XML portal server.

Collectively, OfficeMax.com's office products and services, biztravel.com's online travel capabilities, and 401Kafe's online benefits planning information will be available directly through Sequoia's XPS interface, reducing the cost and effort required for deploying a comprehensive enterprise portal solution.

By integrating these online applications within XPS, Sequoia hopes its customers' employees will adopt the portal as their primary point of interaction with corporate content. This will drive overall use of the portal, increasing the return on the corporate investment.

"Sequoia's agreements with OfficeMax.com, biztravel.com and 401Kafe give our customers immediate access to populist content that can be easily integrated into their users' individual desktops," said Jasen Fici, vice president of marketing for Sequoia Software.