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Hand in Hand with PalmSource

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- At its fourth annual developers' conference here Tuesday, PalmSource announced the winners of its Powered Up Awards.

Among the group of winners DateBk5 by Pimlico Software, an integrated version of the PIM application that incorporates a variety of views, floating events and reminders.

Warfare Incorporated is a strategy game that can go multiplayer via infrared or Bluetooth. Pocket Tunes by Normsoft provides music playback of MP3, Ogg Vorbis and PCM WAV format audio, and also brings streaming audio to wireless devices. VeriChat by PDApps is a unified instant messaging application for wireless devices that integrates with contact management software.

All in all, 22 companies announced new applications. PalmSource said it has more than 275,000 registered developers. PalmSource claims more than 275,000 registered developers. Newly introduced products ran the gamut from enterprise apps like Grant Street Software's SD License Manager, and industry vertical software such as MedicTouch mPOD, a mobile device for monitoring vital signs such as blood oxygen saturation levels, to WiFile, a Wi-Fi networking client that lets users access desktop computers or files stored on network servers.

Consumer apps included LandWare's Leonard Maltin Movie & Video Guide and Mark/Space's Missing Sync that includes iTunes and iPhoto plugins. Mountainside Productions showed Katahira, a way to learn Japanese characters during odd moments.

For all those hungry developers, PocketPurchase announced a Developer's Console, which lets developers quickly add a "buy" button to their software. Behind that buy button is a platform that lets software makers sell products wirelessly. PocketPurchase enables trial versions and automatic unlocking of downloaded software after purchase, and also handles the credit card processing for the transaction. "We're trying to make the whole registration issue for developers just go away," said the company's CEO.

The company announced that NVIDIA Corp. has licensed its toolkits and plans to create drivers to enable the graphics acceleration for Garnet and Cobalt devices via NVIDIA's GoForce media processors. GoForce supports multi-pixel image capture, accelerated graphics for games, and video capture and playback.

Also at the conference, PalmSource announced it has licensed IBM's WebSphere MicroEnvironment Java 2 Micro Edition and the WebSphere Studio Device Developer toolset. PalmSource will integrate WME into its platform, making it easier for the huge community of Java developers to create apps for the Palm OS. It will also let Palm developers execute Java MIDlet applications on Palm devices.

With Java support, Palm developers will be able to create applications for the mobile telephone networks that have standardized on Java.