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HP, Altiris Give Remote Management a Facelift

With the need for keeping employee workstations current with patches and updates becoming increasingly more important, officials at Altiris and HP are set to update their own remote management tools.

The HP Client Manager Software (CMS) has been upgraded to perform functions on the Altiris 6.0 platform, publicly released last month. HP also expanded the machines that can use the software to its Point of Sale System rp5000 and nc6000 and nc8000 line of notebooks.

The goal: get networked computers up-to-speed so they aren't affected by the growing number of computer viruses and worms that bring computers, and the workstations around them, to their knees.

The Bagle strain of Internet worms, for example, targeted corporate victims by attaching a zipped file containing the virus, bypassing enterprise firewalls.

"Even in the first half of 2003, you had six or eight months of lead time to install a patch," Mark Magee, Altiris client management segment manager, told internetnews.com. "You've literally got less than 30 days, between initial discovery and outbreak. This dictates that the manual processes of managing your enterprise are no longer acceptable."

From one console, a network administrator will be able to install patches on networked PCs, adjust security settings. In addition to bolstering security, CMS updates hardware and BIOS driver updates. The software will include a wake-on-LAN feature so computers can be updated after-hours.

CMS ties into HP's other network software offering, the Systems Insight Manager (SIM). The software package provides a central management console for keeping HP's Proliant servers whole, updating drivers and BIOS when needed, and providing inventory reports when needed. E-mail and pager alerts sound when a server experiences problems.

The HP/Altiris CMS software is available as a free download here at the end of March.