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Fatbrain.com Launches Corporate Bookstore for Wells Fargo

With the help of Fatbrain.com's secure digital publishing technology known as e-Matter Wells Fargo & Co. this week created a company bookstore.

With the tool, the financial services giant provided approximately 70,000 employees worldwide access to Information Exchange -- two centralized sources for knowledge resources including books, technical documents and training solutions.

Wells Fargo's (WFC) technical store features IT-based publications covering subjects like Windows NT, Web site design and enterprise applications. The bookstore features business-based publications on e-commerce, management, investment banking and other business publications.

Information Exchange brings together Fatbrain.com's (FATB) technology for outsourcing internal and external corporate information. The Fatbrain.com Information Exchange solution also bundles with existing business processes to give the client organization control over procurement.

"With Information Exchange, we're changing the way businesses serve their internal communities for documents and information," said Dennis Capovilla, president and chief operating officer of Fatbrain.com. "We make the whole process simpler and less expensive for the corporation, while providing more options for internal constituents."