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Interwoven Deploys Content Management Offering

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor Interwoven Monday announced OpenDeploy 6, the company's automated Integrated ECM Platform and Web Change Management Solution.

OpenDeploy 6 is the latest release from Interwoven's Web Change Management initiative, which was first announced last year. It allows IT administrators to consistently and easily deploy ECM assets across an enterprise.

"OpenDeploy 6 opens new opportunities for any large organization seeking more efficient ways to improve governance of their enterprise infrastructure," said Brian Bauer, vice president of IT Solutions at Interwoven, in a statement.

According to Red Monk analyst Stephen O'Grady, Interwoven's OpenDeploy 6 fills an important niche in the ECM space with its aim to simplify the deployment process.

"As many content management customers discover, the devil is often in the deployment," O'Grady told internetnews.com. "While organizations can typically get a handle on the behind-the-firewall content processes, distributing it along with application source code is often a significant challenge."

Features of the new release include full enterprise scalability and an Intelligent Delivery Module that utilizes metadata as a rule for determining content publication and expiration. The new version is also more extensible than its predecessors by including a Web services-based interface that facilitates content distribution and publication into a SOA .

Interwoven is in a battle royale with numerous vendors for dominance in the ECM space.

EMC's Documentum division has been busy lately, recently adding Business Process Management software (BPM) to its mix, as well as acquiring content management technologies from Xerox. ECM toolmaker Serena has also been on the acquisition path with its purchase of Merant in March. At the beginning of the year, ECM player Stellent acquired Optika.

In a move that may signal the beginning of a shift in the ECM space toward open source, Computer Associated just last month entered into an agreement with the open source Zope corp. to help integrate and sell the Zope Content Management Framework.

Market research firm Ovum estimates the current ECM market to be worth $1.54 billion with no one vendor controlling more than a 10 percent market share. Growth is expected to be rampant in the next few years. IDC forecasts the market to be worth $3.8 billion by 2007 while Meta Group figures it will be worth more than $9 billion during the same time frame.