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Borland Packs New Features into JBuilder

Software development vendor Borland announced the September availability of JBuilder 2005, its IDE for Java programmers.

The first major upgrade since last year's JBuilder X, the software tool features some recent additions to the Java language, as well as plug-ins to create safer, more efficient code.

"Today's enterprise IT staffs face several challenges, such as the need to ensure software quality and reliability in an environment where they also seek improved productivity and more consistent planning," said Tom Murphy, vice president at research firm META Group, in a statement. "This requires development solutions that integrate various tools and best practices, as well as those that enable not just individual productivity but team productivity and consistency through collaboration."

During the rollout of JBuilder X, the Java Community Process (JCP) passed two major Java Specification Requests (JSR): J2EE 1.4, the "Web services edition" of the Java programming language, and JavaServer Faces, a framework for Visual Basic-, drag-and-drop-style programming.

JBuilder 2005 supports both specifications, as well as the Java Development Kit (JDK) 5.0, otherwise known as J2EE 1.5 or JSR-244. The pending specification, due out sometime next year, is in its third round of beta testing and is geared to make Java programming easier on novice programmers.

A number of third-party software vendors have thrown in support for JBuilder 2005, providing SDKs and plug-ins for programmers who want the added functionality other software tools bring to the development process. Business Objects , Fortify Software, Sybase , eBay and Vignette have modified their software to work with Borland's OpenTools API .

Borland has also tightened integration of its new JBuilder with its lineup of code optimization tools, which combs through programmers code looking for potential security vulnerabilities. The latest version provides component-level profiling for use with Borland's Optimizeit line -- Request Analyzer, Profiler, Code Coverage and Thread Debugger.

JBuilder 2005, like its predecessors, comes in three flavors -- Enterprise, Developer and Foundation compatible with the Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X operating systems.