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ITSM Deployment Is Conference Focus

Perhaps you've been reading about IT service management (ITSM) and figure it can help your IT organization become more effective.

Now what? How do you spread the word and get a bona-fide ITSM effort off the ground?

The first step, experts say, is to identify why your company needs ITSM.

The first scenario is when a company repeatedly experiences problems in a certain area, whether it's exposure to viruses or just a high level of end user dissatisfaction.

The second scenario is a company that is rapidly growing and needs to expand the services it offers, while perhaps consolidating at the same time, such as after acquisitions. Or perhaps the company needs to find ways of complying with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX).

Either way, taking a localized approach is becoming a fast way to get up to speed on how to solve the complex and time-consuming issues.

The itSMF USA Conference & Expo 2004 is in Long Beach, Calif., this week to discuss localizing solutions and related issues. It aims to help large to medium-sized enterprises find standardized processes and best practices that can be applied across the entire range of IT service support and service delivery functions.

Ken Wendle, president of itSMF USA, said the conference has experienced steady growth since its inception seven years ago, but membership has doubled within the past year.

"The obvious explanation for this is that more and more companies are embracing IT Infrastructure Library and ITSM best practices and are looking for guidance, support and a community to help them with their efforts," Wendle said.

This year's focus is on the establishment of Local Interest Groups (LIGs). These include assisting end users, root cause resolution, managing hardware and software infrastructure, managing changes planned and unplanned, effectively managing IT costs and improving IT service quality. There are almost three times as many LIGs today as there were just a year ago, with more in various stages of development.

The Jupitermedia show is bringing together some 60 exhibiting companies and five conference tracks, including "Solving Business Problems Using IT Service Management;" "Starting an ITSM Program and Keeping It Rolling;" "Turning ITSM Theories, Strategies & Tools into Reality;" "Building ITSM Awareness & Skills;" and "The Value of ITSM to Federal, State and Local Government Agencies." Jupitermedia also operates

This year's keynote speakers include Walt Disney Internet Group IT Service Manager Michael DeAngelo; J. Clark Kelso, who serves as the CIO for the State of California; and Microsoft CIO Ron Markezich.

The show runs all week at the Long Beach Convention Center.