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Intranets.com Selects Critical Path for E-Mail Services

Intranets.com this week took steps to bolster its e-mail services by agreeing to use messaging service provider Critical Path Inc.'s technology.

As part of its commitment to meet the needs of its users, Intranets.com will now offer hosted e-mail from Critical Path (CPTH).

The move by the idealab! offspring is one of many by B2B-based firms, many of which are turning to the instant messaging tools provided by America Online Inc., its subsidiary ICQ and Microsoft Corp. (MSFT).

Intranets and e-mail are rapidly becoming necessities in the increasingly-crowded B2B sector. With nearly 200,000 businesses and organizations signed up for the service, Intranets.com's user base is expected to grow as the company moves into the Asian and European markets. Critical Path's ability to provide localized support, coupled with its strong overseas presence will play a key role in addressing the communication and collaboration needs of businesses worldwide.

"Critical Path's advanced Internet messaging solutions enable our customers to focus on their core business with the confidence of knowing their communication and collaboration needs are met securely and reliably by an industry leader," said Karen Leavitt, director of product marketing, Intranets.com.

Last week, AOL (AOL) unleashed Instant Messenger 4.0, the latest version of the popular real-time chat tool.