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CA Chief: Innovate, Cooperate

BOSTON -- John Swainson, the new chief of Computer Associates , renewed the company's commitment to open standards and said more CA products could enter the open source community.

Speaking here at the LinuxWorld trade show today, Swainson said he's pleased with the open-sourcing of CA's Ingres Relational Database and other smaller interface tools.

John Swainson
John Swainson
Source: CA

Last year, the Islandia, N.Y., company released Ingres under its own CA Trusted Open Source License (CA-TOSL), a variation of the common public license from opensource.org.

Software vendors can incorporate Ingres into their products as long as the Ingres source code is provided with it. CA will charge for support and indemnification as added-cost options to the CA-TOSL Ingres.

Swainson also said IT vendors must cooperate more on open standards to spur innovation and reduce complexity for enterprise customers. He cited CA's work with Cisco , HP and IBM on the Web Services Common Information Model (WS-CIM) standard as an example.

"Open standards are essential to the growth of our industry," Swainson said. "They allow us to innovate separately and glue [our innovations] together."

Swainson cited on-demand computing as another area that could benefit from a more coordinated approach from leading IT vendors.

Swainson, who spent 26 years at IBM, including a stint as head of its middleware division, expects a "fairly close relationship" with his former employer, although he conceded that "not everyone there is in love with me anymore."

"I anticipate we'll cooperate with IBM because we have a shared purpose," he said.

Swainson also reiterated that CA is looking to grow by acquiring attractive technologies, pointing out that the company has "not been shy" about making strategic buys in the past. He did not, however, identify specific areas of interest.