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Lenovo Enhances ThinkVantage Support Software

Lenovo has bulked up the support and security in its ThinkVantage PC software. Access to the various applications has also been significantly improved with the addition of LANDesk Management Suite.

With LANDesk, Lenovo said it now offers IT managers a "mission control" console view that consolidates the various tools under one view. LANDesk's Management Suite includes software licensing monitoring, software distribution, image creation and deployment, inventory and remote control.

Matched up with Lenovo's current Rescue and Recovery 3.0 software IT managers can, for example, initiate a backup or recovery remotely.

"We had customers looking for a higher level of integration," said Tom Tobul, director of marketing for ThinkVantage Technologies. "LANDesk is an industry leader and integrated with the functionality of ThinkVantage takes us to the next level."

At last week's Intel Developer Forum, Lenovo demonstrated its new Antidote Delivery Manager which is also part of Rescue and Recovery. The software enables IT staff to deliver fixes and updates to users wherever they are even if their system is down from a worm or virus, the company said.

"I've been demoing with ThinkPads for years and there were instances where ThinkVantage didn't quite work or the interface was tricky to deal with, but this most recent update is solid. It gets you what you need with very little user intervention," Roger Kay, analyst with Endpoint Technologies Associates told internetnews.com. "Dell and others will tell you they have something similar, but these guys (Lenovo) have more mileage [in developing] than anyone else. "

Lenovo has also made a flurry of other updates and changes to ThinkVantage. Secure Data Disposal is an application that acts like a virtual paper shredder enabling users to permanently erase sensitive data from their hard drives.

On the flip side of data destruction, several enhancements were made to ThinkVantage's "Rescue and Recovery" options. A new restore capability is designed to let users recover from a crash without losing key personality settings or having to rescue files. A single-instance storage feature keeps only the most recent copies of large files. This reduces the size of backups and hard drive space used.

As part of an enhanced System Update application, ThinkVantage now integrates with a company's PC management system for both push and pull distribution of selected applications.

Separately Lenovo, which bought IBM's ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre desktop computer line earlier this year, received good news today from Technology Business Research which rated the company highly in its latest customer satisfaction survey. TBR's Corporate IT Buying Behavior and Customer Satisfaction study is a quarterly report based on data collected from the previous six months from among an audience of enterprise buyers that plan to purchase at least 100 desktop systems in the next year.

"Those expecting to see declining satisfaction and loyalty due to the Lenovo acquisition will be surprised by the latest TBR results," said Julie Perron, TBR analyst in a statement. "Lenovo has achieved increased sales to over 400 of its largest customers since the merger, as well as significant increases in customer satisfaction."