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WebPerfect Adds Palm.Net Access to Intranet Service

In another example of a firm looking to carve its niche in the mobile Net sector, WebPerfect Solutions Inc. Tuesday added Palm.Net access to its wireless intranet service.

WebPerfect Solutions offers Web-based business productivity tools, including Intranet services that can be used from any Palm.Net or WAP-complaint device anywhere in the world.

With the deal, clients will be able to send and receive e-mail from any standard e-mail account, look up and e-mail their contacts directly from their Palm Inc. (PALM) or WAP-compliant device -- without having to type anything into the mobile phone or other device and add contacts to their databases from afar.

Chris Getner, WebPerfect's chief technical officer, said Palm.net access to WebPerfect's Intranet Service is important because it lets the company provide access to an entire class of small-format HTML devices, including the whole Palm family, some paging devices and even the new Pocket PCs.

The WebPerfect intranet service includes:
  • E-mail -- Web-based e-mail service allowing access from virtually any browser from any PC, Web appliance or Internet accessible wireless device from anywhere in the world
  • File sharing -- Documents are locked down for storage, and can be checked out to facilitate file sharing among users
  • Forms management -- Provides electronic fill-in of forms, forms storage in a company repository, and the ability to transfer data from forms between applications
  • Project management -- Allows scheduling of meeting times, maintains a list of shared events, and assigns tasks to team members with deadlines Provides group status reports and individual reminders.
  • Contact Management -- Store individual contacts for each user, and selectively allow access to the rest of the intranet members

Pricing for WebPerfect Intranet service starts at $39.95 per month. There is no additional charge for Palm.Net or WAP mobile phone access.

The deal for Palm comes two weeks after the handheld electronics specialist said it was looking to expand its product line. Currently, only the Palm VII can directly hook up to the Internet. Palm hopes it will soon market versions of the Palm III and the Palm V with built-in capabilities for wireless communications.