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Gateway Reaches Out to The Little Guy

Gateway has created a server that marries the high availability features associated with more powerful systems with the cost of an entry-level server.

The new Gateway E-9220T is designed to power file and print sharing for small businesses and branch offices. However, it has the ability to scale up, as computing needs grow in an organization.

The Irvine, Calif., company said in a statement the machine's tower chassis supports a host of processors that support 64-bit computing, including Intel's Celeron and Pentium 4, as well as dual-core Intel Pentium D and Intel Pentium Extreme Edition chips.

Along with the surplus of chip choices, the E-9220T offers multiple hard drive options with support for up to four SATA or SCSI hard drives, storing as much as 1.65 terabytes of data. A hot swappable power supply is another perk, as is the BTX architecture, making the box cooler and quieter than traditional servers.

As for software for the box, the E-9220T supports most Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 operating systems. This includes standard and premium editions of 2003 Small Business Server SP1, 2003 Standard Edition SP1, 2003 Enterprise Edition SP1 and 2003 Web Edition SP1.

The machine also comes with the Gateway Service Manager, a tool that conducts systems checks to catch and resolve problems before they interrupt the network.

Starting at $599, the E-9220T is the latest in a line of sub-$1,000 servers from major systems vendors like Dell, IBM and HP.

That Gateway and its rivals should introduce high-functioning, low-cost servers is not a surprise. The proliferation of small companies is leading to new revenue opportunities.

Smaller companies often have little or no budgets, but they require some advanced features. This prompts the vendors to move high-end features into less expensive machines.

IBM is perhaps the best example, bringing virtualization tools and other complex utilities from its $1 million-plus mainframes down to its Unix or Linux servers.

Gateway also reached out to SMBs Thursday in the personal computing arena, offering a new line of S-Series desktop and notebook PCs for small businesses.

The S-Series desktop line features durable cases and the company's BTX design that cool and reduces noise. The notebooks feature a magnesium alloy casing to protect the machine during falls and the potential coffee spill. An internal magnesium structure keeps the notebooks firm to protect internal components.

With the new server and PCs, Gateway is hoping to tap into the multi-billion-dollar SMB market.