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Fatbrain.com Streamlines Documents for Agilent

Web publisher Fatbrain.com Thursday lended its Information Exchange solution to Agilent Technologies, which plans to streamline the worldwide printing of its education and development documentation.

Called the Agilent Educator's Resource Center, it will give more than 43,000 Agilent (A) employees access to training documentation, book recommendations and related materials via Agilent's intranet education portal.

The Agilent Education Resource Center will include learning resources, classroom participant pre-work and materials, classroom facilitator materials and recommended reading lists. Fatbrain.com (FATB) will also aggregate third-party content into the site to augment the resources available to Agilent employees.

Employees and instructors participating in Agilent training classes can access necessary materials worldwide. Students will be able to digitally download content leveraging Fatbrain.com's eMatter technology, or request hard copies generated by the solution's print-on-demand service.

Dennis Capovilla, president and chief operating officer at Fatbrain.com., said the deal could cut costs back as much as 20 percent for Agilent.

"Our Information Exchange solution adds huge value to the production and distribution of training products in both hard copy and digital formats in an extremely cost-efficient way," Capovilla said.

Fatbrain.com has provided similar solutions for many other technology leaders, including IBM Corp. (IBM) and Sun Microsystems (SUNW).