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Gateway Prevails Over HP in Patent Dispute

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has ruled that PC maker Gateway is not infringing on HP's patents, overturning a previous ruling favorable to HP involving parallel port technology.

While dismissing HP's infringement claims, the ITC sent the case to an administrative law judge to resolve other issues raised by both companies.

"We're very pleased that the ITC concurred with our view that the Gateway intellectual property and technology at issue in this case does not infringe HP's patents," Michael Tyler, Gateway's chief legal and administrative officer, said in a statement.

The case reached the ITC after a 2004 HP decision to assert seven patent infringement claims against Gateway. Three of HP's patents were dismissed prior to trial, and a court determined last fall that Gateway prevailed outright on two other HP patents.

The only claim that HP prevailed on was a limited finding in August of infringement on legacy circuitry that would allow use of an outmoded printer technology using the parallel port.

The ITC's decision this week overturned that finding after the Commission found there was no literal infringement by Gateway.

Gateway is also suing HP for patent infringement, filing claims on technology that covers multimedia functionality. If it prevails in the case, according to Gateway, HP may be unable to import Media Center PCs.

"Our history as a company makes it clear we respect the intellectual property of others, and that we expect others to respect ours," Tyler said.