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OfficeClip.com Adds New Feature

Intranet service provider OfficeClip.com Friday added Document Sharing to its suite of intranet communication and collaboration tools and has expanded its synchronization capabilities.

With the new Documents application, users can add files to OfficeClip.com for group collaboration, allowing them to view and edit posted documents.

The rest of OfficeClip.com's suite includes instant broadcast messaging via e-mail, pager and cell phone; calendar with invitation and RSVP functionality; reminders; bulletin board; reservations for shared facilities and equipment; workflow time and expense reports; and an issue tracker configurable for sales, healthcare, customer service and software bug tracking.

"The digital age has freed us from our offices, but it has tied us to our devices, how, where and when we can be reached become the most important questions of the day," said S.K. Dutta, president of OfficeClip.com. "OfficeClip.com frees us with a suite of powerful collaborative tools, all easily accessed on the Web, but securely stored and safe from outside access."

OfficeClip.com applications are currently used by a variety of small- to medium-sized businesses, including technology start-ups.