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Mainframe-Like Automation For All Platforms

SAN FRANCISCO -- The merger of UC4 Software and AppWorx has just closed, but attendees at Oracle OpenWorld here learned that it is already offering gains for customers.

The union combines UC4's workload automation technology with AppWorx's application interface technology, allowing Oracle and non-Oracle customers to execute more automations based on time, conditions and results. In place of manual operations or basic scripts, servers can initiate tasks based on a variety of conditions, such as time, data gathered or expected results.

UC4:global is a job scheduler, similar to those found on mainframes, that runs on Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX and Linux, as well as supports such applications as Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, HP OpenView, BMC Patrol, and Tivoli Management Environment.

AppWorx 6.0 allows for automation of tasks and defines dependencies across multiple applications and operating systems. It comes with 80 application interfaces and is open enough that people can write their own interfaces for other apps.

Ian Kramer, product marketing manager for UC4, told InternetNews.com that both AppWorx and UC4:global will be sold separately and combined.

"The combination allows for end-to-end automation that analysts have been looking for for a long time. "The result is faster processing of jobs without human touch points or delays waiting for actions on results," he added. "It's also less error-prone and there's an audit trail along all the steps."

Combining the two products means the whole would be greater than the sum of the parts, because one can act on the results of another.

For example, UC4:global can run an Oracle report via AppWorx, then examine the results. If the results are only a few lines when thousands of lines are expected, then an alert is kicked off to let administrators know that the expected results did not come through. If the report gives the expected result, then the next step can be initiated, he said.

It's still too early in the merger to determine where the two products will go, but Kramer did say that the company hopes to come out with a bridge technology for both products to provide a single interface for monitoring tasks from end to end. AppWorx as a company name will go away but the product brand name will remain, he added.