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Peragis Launches Intranet Product

Travel solution provider Peragis Inc. Thursday delivered its intranet technology to the TravelPlus consortium.

The Peragis intranet allows TravelPlus, a leading Canadian consortium, to effectively deliver information and promote key and preferred suppliers to 150 associate travel agencies who serve more than 300,000 Canadians annually.

Utilizing the online auditorium feature, TravelPlus plans to host online conferences where suppliers can answer questions over the course of a day or a week -- all at the convenience of the speaker. The online auditorium feature will enable the promotion and education of preferred suppliers within the TravelPlus membership. Front line agents can now have specific product related questions answered while providing the supplier an education forum.

With the intranet, front line agents now have access to supplier information that has traditionally been available only on paper. To increase customer service, agencies can now share information such as travel expertise and experiences using the Peragis intranet for educational purposes.

"It's just so convenient to access information on the TravelPlus intranet," said Robert Lindsay of Meridian TravelPlus in Vancouver. "I have used the intranet to get addresses of other TravelPlus locations, details of airline preferred supplier agreements and the TravelPlus publication "Just the Fax."

In the future, the intranet product will bring broadcasting capability to the agency to ensure real-time interactive access for the suppliers.