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Diversinet Plans New Product Line to Secure Servers

Diversinet Corp. said at the RSA conference in San Francisco that it plans to launch an all-new product line to offer technology for secure electronic commerce-enabling servers.

Diversinet said its technology will provide businesses with scaleable turnkey security solutions for intranet, extranet and Internet applications.

Diversinet's certification server, the company's core product, issues on- demand "D-certificates" and distributes public keys in an anonymous and trusted manner.

Unlike current systems where the certificates include additional personal information that is irrelevant to the user's need for access to the system (e.g. name, address, phone number), D-certificates only carry the user's alpha-numerical ID. This reduces process time and the amount of memory required to store the certificate, making it more efficient and less expensive to encode on a smart card, according to Diversinet.

Diversinet products can be either software-based or can use hardware smart cards for authenticating users.

The certification server, which is scheduled for release in May, will include client software to retrieve, store, and maintain D-certificates as well as a toolkit to allow developers to use D-certificates within their applications. The product will allow companies to integrate the certification process into existing and/or new systems.

Diversinet is working with OEMs to license the technology for future product development so that it becomes a standard for secure, corporate e-commerce solutions, said Nagy Moustafa, president and chief executive officer of the Toronto-based company.