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Macromedia Shipping "Pathware 3"

Macromedia, Inc. announced shipment today of its Pathware 3 enterprise-based learning development and management system.

Pathware 3 is a Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) system designed to deliver content and track training results using the open AICC standard for technology-based learning systems.

Macromedia reports that Pathware 3 enables training managers and instructional designers to manage the various steps involved in training processes, including assembling, assigning, and delivering curricula, and tracking, storing, and reporting student performance.

Training material can be developed in almost any authoring environment, including Macromedia's own Authorware and Director products, and can be run on LANs, intranets, or the Internet with practically no change to the content, the company said.

"By implementing learning management tools such as Pathware 3, companies can measure the effectiveness of their training and its impact on business results," said Jim White, vice president and general manager of Macromedia's Interactive Learning Division.

"It uses an open training system architecture that supports the leading Web authoring choices including Java, HTML, and Macromedia Shockwave. With the combined capabilities of our Authorware and Pathware product lines, Macromedia provides a complete solution for enterprise training."

Pathware 3's features also include curriculum and scoring management, multiple language support, student and course administration, flexible enrollment, and integrated e-mail.

Macromedia said Pathware 3 is now available and priced in accordance with the number of users the system must accommodate.