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Sun Solaris Systems Get "Real"

RealNetworks, Inc. and Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced they have joined to deliver an end-to-end streaming media solution for use over the Internet and corporate intranets.

The agreement will make RealNetwork's RealSystem 5.0 streaming media suite widely available on Sun Solaris-based Ultra desktops and Sun Enterprise server computers.

"Optimizing RealSystem 5.0 on Sun's robust Solaris platform provides us with a streaming media system with unmatched scalability, reliability and capacity to support high volumes of users," said Rob Glaser, chairman and CEO of RealNetworks.

In addition, RealNetworks will port its RealEncoder and RealPlayer to the Solaris platform, which will enable the playback of RealAudio and RealVideo on Solaris systems. RealNetworks also plans to develop with Sun a Java-based RealPlayer that will allow cross-platform playback of RealAudio/Video without having to download plugins.

In related news, RealNetworks announced a partnership with Audible Inc. to deliver a new mobile audio solution for corporate intranets.

The companies said RealServer 5.0 will now interoperate with Audible Players, handheld PC peripherals that hold up to 2 hours of spoken audio content. The solution is designed to enable workers to receive corporate updates, training content, or executive management communiqus while listening in cars or working from other mobile environments.